Nissan Intelligent Driving

Nissan Intelligent Driving
Innovation That Looks Out For You

Every time you drive a Nissan confidence comes along for the ride. Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield Technologies comprises a comprehensive approach to safety that guides the engineering and development of every vehicle we make. It’s our way of looking out for you and yours by monitoring, responding and protecting to help keep you and your passengers safe.

1. Monitor

Smart technologies are designed to help monitor conditions, from a system that helps ensure you’re travelling on properly inflated tires, to an available system that monitors your steering input patterns, and alerts you that you may need a break.

2. Respond

Whether you need to hit the brakes hard or maneuver around an unexpected obstacle, these standard technologies help you respond to a potentially harmful situation.

3. Protect

When a collision is unavoidable, Nissan’s Zone Body construction helps absorb the impact while the advanced seat belt and air bag systems help protect passengers.

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

In traffic, it only takes a moment to get caught off guard in a potentially dangerous situation. How about a little help? With this technology, a radar sensor on the front of your Nissan constantly monitors not just one vehicle ahead in your lane, but two. When the system detects sudden deceleration two vehicles ahead, it gives you an audible warning and a visual signal on the instrument panel. So you get a heads up, even if you can’t see what’s slowing you down.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Using radar technology to keep an eye on your speed and proximity to the vehicle ahead of you, Automatic Emergency Braking (previously known as Forward Emergency Braking) gives you audible and visual display warnings to help you reduce your speed, if necessary. It can also apply braking if you fail to respond to help you avoid a collision. If a collision is unavoidable, this feature will engage the brakes to help reduce speed of impact and reduce the severity of a collision.

Blind Spot Warning

If another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area, an indicator appears in the driver’s or front passenger’s door pillar and on the Advanced Drive-Assist® Display. Put your turn signal on, and the indicator flashes with a warning chime to alert you.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When you’re backing out of a parking space, this available feature can detect and warn you about detected vehicles you might not see behind you approaching from either side. So backing up feels easier than ever.

RearView Monitor

Parallel parking made easy. Giving you a view of what’s directly behind you, the RearView Monitor makes backing up an easier task. Green, yellow, and red indicators also help you gauge how close you are to objects – a real help in tight spaces.

Moving Object Detection

Moving Object Detection uses the cameras of the Around View® Monitor which gives you visual and audible alerts if the system detects moving objects near the vehicle.

Intelligent Cruise Control

Unlike traditional systems that only maintain a set speed, Intelligent Cruise Control also helps keep an adjustable set distance between you and the car in front. As traffic slows down or speeds up, ICC responds accordingly.

Around View Monitor

Around View® Monitor uses four cameras to give you a virtual composite 360º bird's-eye view of your vehicle, with selectable split-screen close-ups of the front, rear, and curbside views. And since all obstacles aren't stationary, the available Moving Object Detection system can warn you about moving objects detected in your vicinity.

Driver Attention Alert

An American Automobile Association study estimates that an average of 328,000 automobile accidents can be attributed to fatigued driving every year on American roads *. That’s why we developed the Driver Attention Alert system, or DAA. This forward-thinking technology works by monitoring your steering patterns. Should the system detect any unusual steering activity, it will alert you audibly with a chime, and visually by lighting a coffee cup icon on your display, letting you know it may be time for a break.

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